About Amico Scientific

Since 1992, Amico Scientific has been providing ACS and Lab Grade chemicals, laboratory equipment, and supplies to research & development, biotech, aerospace, environmental, and manufacturing companies, high schools, colleges and universities, and to local, state and federal government. Amico Scientific is located in Garden Grove, California.

Competitively Priced Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Amico Scientific has extremely competitive pricing. We’ve proven time and again that we are dependable suppliers of the quality chemicals (ACS Grade and Lab Grade) and laboratory equipment and supplies you need. Our prices are competitive, our customer service is attentive, and we can satisfy any large or small quantities of the chemicals or supplies you are looking for.

Request a quote for specific chemical (ACS Grade, Lab Grade, or other), equipment, and supplies you need, or contact us for more information on any of our laboratory equipment and supplies.